Small child weaves out loud (as I interlace)

Santa Claus’s childhood

Tropically excited
Two lima-bean teeth
AC off into sunshine
He lived with his mom and dad
Four hot feet on narrow concrete
In a winter forest all alone
Ferns developing eyes
I think he killed his mother
Hibiscus excess
Hidden horizons
And he ate mother-stew
Toes pink-soft
She had all the power
Uneven steps to red dirt
He got his power from eating her
Sun blown in from cloud
Baked palms hula
He cut up his father
Blue ginger
Amid emerald greens
Into small pieces of flesh
That he turned into elves.

Origin Story of the Easter Bunny

Rainbow Waimea waterfall
Silver kiss of mist
It all started with a chicken
Droplet eyelashes
Delicate muddy roar
Born with two heads
Shirt over oversized head
One was a regular chicken head
Glistening white sunscreen streaks
And one had bunny ears
Inch down lava rock
Fingers wrapped finger
All the other school-chickens made fun
Breath of sweet freshwater
Thighs into bracing red
So he cut off his chicken head
Out towards thunder loud
The bunny head took over
Pounding rush on tender scalp
Return with current
And his feathers turned to fur
Momentary shimmer-shiver
Warm towels
His chicken feet became bunny paws
Fall to grass catch breath
Sun cooks wet away
So now he steals all the eggs
Just to get back at the mean chickens.

Rebirth of the Leprechauns

One more bend to car
Dragging tired
But talk always talk
Family of frog with red beards
Shade to sun lot
Car exhales interior heat
But there was no frog food anywhere
Cleaning in-betweens
Leprechaun spirit falls from the sky
Lotion on bug bites
And shows them magic rocks
Dry shorts from trunk
Embarrassed change
Frogs eats piles and piles of rocks
Cold juice from cooler
But nothing happens
Door closes
Backing out
Now they can’t poop
Rear view mirror
No seriously, no poop all night
Ease into flow
They try and try
Picking up speed
But when the sun rises, they all poop at once
Wrong direction turning around
In fact the frogs poop so much so fast they all turn inside-out
Looping coastal road
On the inside of every frog is a leprechaun
Eyebrows up
The frog family pooped themselves into leprechauns
Corner past packing-up beach
Sunlight flashes against fluttering eyelids
And the leprechaun spirit was very, very happy
Head bobbing like sea
Waves of magical animals crash against spongy shores of imagination
And an inevitable, but always surprising
silence closes the narratives of our day.